Q & A

Mail-Anhang What is Imagnea’s competence?

Our clients can expect long-term and broad experience in Human Resources as well as specific background knowledge in the area of Banking. We are familiar with navigating in both an international environment and with working in a mid-size local office. In addition, we are bilingual – German or English – both is fine!

What are the main advantages for companies?

Definitely the high level of flexibility, simple conditions, no long-term obligations and full cost control; professional support for all companies who do not have their own HR department or who want to take some workload off their internal HR.



Which type of companies does Imagnea address?

In a nutshell: Any company can make appropriate use of Imagnea’s services. These could be smaller companies or offices, for which the implementation of their own, permanent HR department does not make economic sense, who, however, still want to have their HR related business cared for in a professional manner. However, nowadays, even larger companies are subject to tight headcount restrictions so that an existing internal HR department, which is already working to capacity, very often is not able to additionally cope with large or very urgent projects. In such a situation, we can provide valuable support and relief to the in-house team.

… and which industries?Mail-Anhang-3

Our services are offered to all sectors of industry. Many of the main elements of HR are in fact similar in all types of industries; then again, the individual industry specifics are a welcome challenge; they add zest to our work! In Banking, we can offer industry specific experience acquired over many years and also in an international environment – so that both financial institutions as well as local branches of foreign companies can derive particular advantage from cooperating with us.




Outplacement – Isn’t that an expensive instrument, more aptly suited for senior management?

Not at Imagnea. Most companies, who need to reduce their workforce, indeed want to provide help to the affected employees to find new employment and are more than willing to take social responsibility, even after employment has ended. Nevertheless, they are typically bound to tight budget constraints. We keep cost low, to a large extent work from our Home Offices and use other, centrally located office space only when needed. Therefore we are able to provide valuable support for employees‘ job search at a moderate cost level.

Sabine Schoernig, Managing Director of Imagnea Consulting & Coaching GmbH, looks back on 30 years of experience in Human Resources. As the HR Manager of one of the leading American banks, Schoernig was responsible for the HR related activities of the bank’s German branches from 1993 to 2012. In 2013 she founded Imagnea and since then provides external HR support to internationally operating companies inside and outside of Banking.