Advantages of using Imagnea Consulting

  • You do not have an internal HR department and require professional support – on an ongoing basis or project-related?
  • You would like to retain flexibility, would like to cover ad-hoc needs fast and in an uncomplicated way?
  • You are a financial institution, looking for HR support with a banking background?
  • You operate internationally and require HR related support in English?
  • You want to make sure all of this meets your budgets?

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External HR / Outsourcing

  • You do not have an internal HR department but want to make sure to have HR matters taken care of in a most professional manner?
  • You are planning to outsource parts of your HR business – for a limited time period or permanently?
  • You would like to lighten your HR department’s workload?
  • You require external ad-hoc expertise?

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  • You have an extensive recruiting project coming up for which you require additional HR capacity?
  • You have advertised vacancies and would like to concentrate on a short-list of the most suitable candidates?
  • You would like to outsource your entire recruitment process(es)?
  • You would like to make sure your job advertisements and rejection letters meet the anti-discrimination requirements of the German ‚AGG‘ (General Act on Equal Treatment)?

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  • You need to reduce your workforce and would like to provide comprehensive support to the affected employees in their search for new employment?
  • You would like to ensure that they are equipped with professionally reviewed application papers and offer them practical training for upcoming job interviews?
  • You would like to assign them a coach, who will support them during the entire application process and help them identify their personal career opportunities, and
  • who will continue to provide support during the transition period even after they have left your company?
  • For all that, you have to make sure that overall cost will not exceed the approved budgets?

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Project Management / Interim

  • You have a comprehensive project coming up, for which you require support?
  • You have tight deadlines to meet und require extraordinary flexibility?
  • You would like to oursource a highly sensitive project?
  • You want to ensure your budget constraints are met?


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